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Are you ripe for change?


Are you tired of focusing on what you don’t want, rather than on what you do?

Do you even know what you want?

Really, deep down, if you didn’t have to worry about the dreaded how’s or what others will say, what would you be doing?  Who would you be being?

What would people be seeing if they looked at you?

How would you be standing? How would you be breathing? What would the world look like to you?


If the answer is you don’t know, and you’d like to, then why not come and join us for this one day workshop and explore what life could be like if you allowed it?

Your focus could be on your relationships, on your finances, your work, or on being your expansive self.


Bring something you’d like to focus on and we’ll see what wonderful changes you can make.

Let 2017 be the year you step into your true self and live as the you that you really are.



©2014 Jacqui Crooks