jacqui crooks

9th June 2018 Near to Manchester airport


Come and join 4 EFT Founding Masters and their skilled friends at this one day conference.

You'll learn a lot and you'll meet some amazing people. :)


Jacqui Crooks: Will be doing a group demonstration on How to Use Language to Get Faster, Deeper Changes. This demonstration will be very practical, with lots of useful ideas that you can take and use.

Anthony Roberts: Will be demonstrating Fractional Tapping an approach that he developed for working with addictions in a group environment. It is a gentle way of resolving problems that individuals can take away with them to use in their day to day life.

Tania A Prince: Will be demonstrating Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning (MBIR). MBIR is a tapping technique that Tania developed that is simple to learn and use. It is a mindfulness based tapping technique. 

Emma Roberts: Will be working with a volunteer from the audience and doing classic EFT. During this demonstration you will also be invited to tap along. Emma will demonstrate how to set up group tapping (Borrowing Benefits).

Maureen Fearon: In an upbeat, entertaining fashion Maureen will share secrets and truths from the world of loss. From heart-warming, fascinating to the funny! She will demonstrate a variety of simple methods to self-manage at all stages of loss & other aspects of life. Ways you can safely help others suffering the pain and torture of loss.

Kay Gire: Completely clear complex issues quickly and effortlessly using a innovative approach that gets to the very heart of the problem.

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I look forward to seeing you there - free hugs on tap:)

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