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A series of Masterclass workshops to take you through to becoming an EFT Expert.


I’ve wanted for a long time, to introduce unique and quality training to those of you who want to go that extra mile for your clients and who want to be the best you can be using EFT in new and very effective ways. I also love to help you to connect to the skilled, confident you that you really are and that you sometimes forget about:)

These trainings are modular, building month by month onto the skills of the previous month, until 6 months later, you will have learnt all the things that I use with my clients that make my sessions so effective.

You’ll be more confident in your EFT skills than you’ve ever been and you will have grown in confidence in who you are and be more sure of your place in the world.

There will also be an option to go for EFT Expert practitioner certification, with case studies and mentoring. This will also allow those of you without insurance to practice, to apply for it. Details of practitioner requirements are here.

If you want to Learn EFT and be the best practitioner you can be, if you want to expand your EFT skills  and get great results fast, if you want to clear a huge amount of your personal "stuff" as you learn, these EFT Masterclasses will help you to do that. 

These workshops are a unique opportunity to learn things that are not taught elsewhere.

They will take you from beginner to expert. (If you are an absolute beginner, you will need to take the Introduction to EFT workshop on 11/9/15 first.)

EFT can be used simply to make quick and effective changes and it can have many things added to it, to make it even more effective, when dealing with deeper issues. It will allow you to make deep and quick changes, safely both for yourself and your clients.

If you are working with clients, I will show you how EFT can fit into what you already do  and you will easily see how to Intergrate your existing skills into EFT

These workshops are designed as a series. If there are spaces nearer to the time of the workshop they may be booked individually. please email me to check (  

Getting to the real roots of an issue easily - EFT and Timelines

When we use EFT to deal with the current issues in a clients life, we're just dealing with a symptom, however painful. If we clear the issue in the here and now, without discovering the roots of the issue, it will keep coming back in other forms, as it has so many times already.

Most, if not all issues have their roots back in childhood, sometimes as far back as the time in the womb. When you clear the feelings that the client is still carrying from those early times, you also clear the beliefs and strategies that were created then, which leaves the client free to access their adult resources and deal with life and relationships differently. 

getting back to the early times is much simpler than you may think and you can do it, with the artful use of language, even if the client has no idea when it started.

Join me in discovering the roots of your "stuff," while you learn to help others to clear theirs.


Using language for change, (including reframing)

Part of what you are doing with EFT is talking to the subconscious. You are giving it new information and asking it to do things differently.

The language that you use is crucial. You can make or break a session, not by what you say, but by the way that you say it.

In this workshop you will learn how to:-

  • Change your language to avoid rousing the client’s rebel.
  • Use language to get the rebel working for you rather than against you.
  • Use language to take the client from their stuck place, to a place of possibilities.
  • Give the subconscious information that allows it to make good choices and to make new choices when situations change, so that the client doesn’t move from one stuck place to another.
  • Use many different language strategies that facilitate change easily.
  • Reframing is an integral part of effective EFT and there are ways of using it naturally, so that the client sees new possibilities and reasons why things happened as they did.

In this workshop you will also learn how to :- 

  • Decide the right time to use a reframe and when not to!
  • How to allow reframes to come to you easily and naturally. 
  • What to do if a reframe doesn’t land.
  • The reframes that are universal and can be used for all people when the time is right. 
  • The language to use when reframing that give the most chance of it being accepted.


Working with Parts and the Inner Child

Most, if not all, current issues will have their roots in the past.

Often back to childhood, it may also have been in the womb, and some clients may believe that they came into this life with unresolved issues from another life. Whether you believe in past lives or not, if a client brings that issue to you, it can be used as a metaphor to help clear the current issue.

In this workshop you will learn how to:-

  • Take the client back to early times when they felt the same feelings that they feel now.
  • Work with the client at the age they were then, to clear the initial trauma.
  • Include any other time that they felt those feelings, into the healing.
  • Work with the parts of the client that don’t want to change, or are afraid to change.
  • Listen for the “yes but’s” and the “what if’s” that can keep the client stuck.
  • Include the possibility of clearing past life issues in a sentence.

"I LOVE the easy effortless way you integrate parts!"

"Normally I would have felt 'less than', but perhaps for the first time on this path, I felt confident and that is due to listening to your MasterClasses."

Ancestral patterns and rebirthing

On this workshop you will :-

  • Clear all that you're carrying that's not yours. All the coping and survival strategies of your ancestors.
  • Go back to the earliest traumas in your life, back to birth, the time in the womb and maybe even past lives and clear them.
  • Give yourself the welcome into the world that allows you to feel safe being you.
  • Clear the beliefs that you created then, or that you inherited from your family.                          
  • Heal for yourself, your family and your ancestors.
  • Learn how to do this for your clients.


Looking forward - creating the life you want to lead

We're very good at knowing what we want to move away from, or let go of and often we're not so good at being clear about what we want instead, what we want to move towards.

This session will show you how to get clear about what you do want and how to find out the feelings that are most important to you.

We'll create a guidance system that allows you to attract into your life the feelings that make you feel good, so you can attract into your life, abundance, loving relationships, fun, happiness, joyful ease.

To connect with me email me at, I'd love to hear from you. 


To become an EFT Expert Practitioner

In addition to ongoing assessment during the course this requires the successful completion of a 3 session case study at the end of the course. Any additional case studies required to show your understanding and competance will be charged at £50 per case study.


Future Workshops

Workshop Start Date Duration Price [Action]
Looking forward - creating the life you want to lead 3-March-2018 1 day 10-5 125.00

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