beacon training

Filling the ME shaped space in the universe

for small business owners

This workshop is for those of you who work for yourself

and for those of you who are ready to be more yourself than you've

ever been before


When you're being yourself, connected to you and those around you, when you're really confident in yourself and in what you do and what you want, that's very attractive.

People that you meet listen to you, they're interested in what you say and they see the strong powerful person that you naturally are.

It's the best place to be in when you're running a business or when you're running your life.

If it sometimes feels that you’re not really being yourself, that the life you’re living isn’t really yours, that certain situations and certain people, make you crawl into your shell, if you get angry with yourself for how you react, if there's more you want to do and more you want to be, come and join us and reconnect to who you really are.

if you're running a business and you find it hard to motivate yourself, if standing up at networking talking about your business, makes you wobble, if you know what you want to do and things just aren't falling into place, if parts of you know that working for yourself is the right thing to do and parts of you think you must be mad, you'll never be able to make it work, it just means that parts of you are in conflict and your energy is taken up with an internal battle and you can change that more easily than you expect!

We all have a place in the universe that's uniquely ours. No one else can fill that place, so if we are curled up in a ball, in a corner of our life, the rest of the space is wasted. It's waiting for you to grow to fill it.

This workshop is where we explore who we really are, where we can imagine living our life differently, with our light shining strongly, where we begin to live from love rather than fear, where we practice completely filling the ME shaped space in the universe:), 

Come and remember who you are, and why you're here, experience what it's like to be truly yourself and to be accepted as you. 

Come and connect to those feelings, so your subconscious has something to refer to, a blueprint, as you take your new skills and new feelings out into the world.

And completely fill the ME shaped space in the universe!

©2014 Jacqui Crooks