beacon training


Filling the ME shaped space in the universe



Come and join us on this intimate retreat, of only 8 people, at the Beautiful Lake Bled.


This is where we explore who we are in all our glory, where we can imagine living our life differently, with our light shining strongly, where the vibration of love supports us, where we practice completely filling the ME shaped space in the universe:)

If it sometimes feels that you’re not really being yourself, that the life you’re living isn’t really yours, that certain situations and certain people, make you crawl into your shell, or you shout and scream and then get angry with yourself for how you react, if there's more you want to do and more you want to be, come and join us and reconnect to who you really are.

Come and remember who you are, and why you're here, experience what it's like to be truly yourself and to be accepted as you. 

Come and connect to those feelings, so your subconscious has something to refer to, as you take your new skills and new feelings out into the world.

And completely fill the ME shaped space in the universe!


Would you like to feel like this?                                     And have fun like this?

                                                         Spend time with lovely people?



                   Then come and join us! Have fun remembering who you are:)






©2014 Jacqui Crooks