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EFT Training for Therapists

These courses give you the skills you need to become an EFT Expert and are structured to build in practice time, so at the end of 6 months, after successfully completing the course and the required case studies, you will be able to use EFT to help your clients to make huge changes in their life. You get to clear your own "stuff" at the same time as you learn, so it's a real win, win:)

They are a distillation of all that I’ve learnt since I first came across EFT in 1999. During that time EFT has changed because of the skills of the people using it, from a simple tool for dealing with symptoms and the emotions around particular events to something that can transform lives, clear baggage that has been passed down to us from other generations, help us to create the lives that we want and to be the people that we want to be. Used in the right way, the results are remarkable and you will be amazed again and again by the profound changes your clients achieve.

If you’re a coach, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, NLPer or other therapist and want to know how to integrate EFT into your practice in a safe way, that allows you to get quickly to the deep core issues, then this series of workshops will show you how to do this easily and safely and after successfully completing the course and the case studies, you will be awarded EFT Expert status

If you’re already an EFT Practitioner, there will be things in the 2nd, 3rd 4th and 5th workshop which work wonderfully with what you have learnt on EFT 1, 2 and 3.

If you are not yet a therapist and you want to learn EFT for yourself, or to use with others , this course will allow you to do that.

Come and share time with me, learning how to use this wonderful tool effectively, while clearing some of your own issues and those of your fellow trainees.

These courses are held in my home, in small groups, so that you get the maximum benefit from them. You can ask questions, you’ll get lots of practice and you’ll leave inspired.

​To connect with me email me at, I'd love to hear from you.

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